Wiener SC

The Wiener Sport Club, based in Vienna, Austria, was founded in 1906. A bandy hockey section was created in 1908 and initially played friendly games. On February 14, 1909, the club traveled to Budapest to face Budapester EV, who trampled them 29-0.

The club was one of the four founding members of the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation (OEHV) in 1912. They won the first two Vienna Ice Hockey Championships, held in 1913 and 1914, and also earned the 1914 State Championship with a 14-2 win over Deutscher Fussballclub Prag.

Wiener SC was unable to participate in the 1914-15 championship as their ice rink was provided for military purposes and many of their players were drafted into the war. Instead, the club played in some friendly matches.

They were later slated as a participant in the 1921 Austrian Bandy Cup, but didn't play in any games.

In 2018 the Wiener Sport-Club started again with an icehockey team, and plays now in Austrians 4th highest league, the EisnerAutoSecondLeague (EA2L).


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