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The Vysshaya Liga (Russian: Высшая лига чемпионата России по хоккею с шайбой, Supreme League of the Russian Ice Hockey Championship), also referred as Higher League or Major League and commonly abbreviated as RUS-2, was a second level professional ice hockey league in Russia.

Season structure[]

The league consisted of two divisions (East and West) before 2008 and three divisions for the last two seasons. During 1997–2000 there was a relegation round where the strongest teams of the league played with the weakest RSL clubs for their place in the top division. In 2001–01 this system was replaced with a final round between the league teams only and starting with 2003–04 the Supreme League ultimately switched to playoffs. Its finalists were promoted to the RSL.

In 2008 when the Superleague became defunct the Supreme League that still was operating under the FHR authority got its own cup.


Establishment of the VHL[]

In 2010 it became known that the Vysshaya Liga was to be replaced with the KHL–affilated Higher Hockey League (VHL) under a new ownership. Most of the Vysshaya Liga clubs resign with a new league in summer of 2010.

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