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Ritten Sport
Ritten Sport.png
City: Ritten, Italy
League: Serie A
Founded: 1930
Home Arena: Arena Ritten (Klobenstein)
Colors: Blue, Red, White
Franchise history
1930-1984: S.C. Ritten
1984-2004: SV Ritten
2004-present: Ritten Sport

Ritten Sport is an ice hockey team from Ritten, Italy. They play in the Serie A, the top level of ice hockey in Italy.


The club's history dates back to 1930, when they debuted in the Serie A as S.C. Ritten (Schlittschuh-Club Ritten).

After winning the Serie C in 1984, S.C. Ritten merged with HC Unterinn and WSV Ritterhorn aus Klobenstein to form S.V. Ritten.

Ritten won their first Scudetto by claiming the Elite.A (the Serie A's name for one season) in 2013-14.


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