This is a list of ice hockey competitions around the world. It includes national and international leagues, as well as competitions involving national teams and club teams.

International competitionsEdit

IIHF competitionsEdit

National team competitions
Club team competitions
Defunct competitions

Other international competitionsEdit

National teams
Club teams

Multi-national leaguesEdit

League Countries
Kontinental Hockey LeagueFlag of Russia.svg Flag of Belarus.svg Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Flag of Latvia.svg Flag of Ukraine.svg Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Flag of Slovakia.svg Flag of Croatia.svg
Higher Hockey LeagueFlag of Russia.svg Flag of Belarus.svg Flag of Kazakhstan.svg
Austrian Hockey LeagueFlag of Austria.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Flag of Italy.svg
Belarusian ExtraligaFlag of Belarus.svg Flag of Latvia.svg
MOL LigaFlag of Hungary.svg Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Slovakia.svg
Inter-National LeagueFlag of Austria.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg
League Countries
AlpenligaFlag of Austria.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg
Balkan LeagueFlag of Bulgaria.svg Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Serbia and Montenegro svg
Baltic LeagueFlag of Estonia.svg Flag of Latvia.svg Flag of Lithuania.svg
Carpathian LeagueFlag of Hungary.svg Flag of Poland.svg Flag of Croatia.svg Flag of Slovakia.svg Flag of Serbia and Montenegro svg
Eastern European Hockey LeagueFlag of Belarus.svg Flag of Latvia.svg Flag of Lithuania.svg Flag of Poland.svg Flag of Russia.svg Flag of Ukraine.svg
InterligaFlag of Austria.svg Flag of Croatia.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Poland.svg Flag of Serbia.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg
North Sea CupFlag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Belgium.svg
Panonian LeagueFlag of Croatia.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Serbia.svg
Slohokej LigaFlag of Croatia.svg Flag of Serbia.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg Flag of Austria.svg

National competitionsEdit


Flag of Armenia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Armenian Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Australia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Australian Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Australian International Ice Hockey CupCup competition


Flag of Austria.svg Competitions League/Cup
Austrian Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Inter-National League2nd-level league (multinational)
Nationale Amateur Hockey Liga3rd-level league
Austrian Regional Leagues4th-level regional leagues
Austrian National LeagueDefunct 2nd-level league
Austrian OberligaDefunct 3rd-level league
Austrian LandesligaDefunct regional league


Flag of Belarus.svg Competitions League/Cup
Belarusian ExtraligaTop-level league
Vysshaya Liga2nd-level league
Belarusian CupNational cup competition


Flag of Belgium.svg Competitions League/Cup
Belgian Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Belgian National LeagueDefunct 2nd-level league
Belgian CupNational cup competition
Belgian SupercupDefunct supercup

Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Competitions League/Cup
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Jaroslav Jandourek CupNational cup competition


Flag of Brazil.svg Competitions League/Cup
Brazil ChampionshipNational championship


Flag of Bulgaria.svg Competitions League/Cup
Bulgarian Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Balkan League2nd-level league/multinational competition
Bulgarian CupNational cup competition


Flag of China.svg Competitions League/Cup
China National ChampionshipNational championship

Chinese TaipeiEdit

Flag of Chinese Taipei.svg Competitions League/Cup
Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Chinese Taipei ChampionshipDefunct national championship


Flag of Croatia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Croatian Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league

Czech RepublicEdit

Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Competitions League/Cup
Czech ExtraligaTop-level league
Czech 1.liga2nd-level league
Czech 2.liga3rd-level league
Czech Regional Championships4th-level regional leagues
Czech District Championships5th-level regional leagues
Tipsport Hockey CupNational cup competition


Flag of Czechoslovakia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Czechoslovak ExtraligaTop-level league
1. Slovenská národná hokejová liga2nd-level league (Slovakia)
1. Česká národní hokejová liga2nd-level league (Czech Republic)
2. Slovenská národná hokejová liga3rd-level league (Slovakia)
2. Česká národní hokejová liga3rd-level league (Czech Republic)
Czechoslovak 2. Liga2nd-level league from 1953-1969
Czechoslovak Regional ChampionshipsRegional leagues


Flag of Denmark.svg Competitions League/Cup
AL-Bank LigaenTop-level league
Danish Division 12nd-level league
Danish CupNational cup competition

East GermanyEdit

Flag of East Germany.svg Competitions League/Cup
DDR-OberligaTop-level league
DDR-BestenermittlungUnofficial 2nd-level league from 1970-1990
East German 1. Liga2nd-level league from 1962-1965
East German 2. Liga3rd-level league from 1955-1962
Gruppenliga3rd-level league from 1962-1965, 2nd-level league from 1965-1970
BezirksligaDistrict leagues
DELV-PokalNational cup competition


Flag of Estonia.svg Competitions League/Cup
MeistriliigaTop-level league
EsiliigaDefunct 2nd-level league
Estonian CupDefunct cup competition
Estonian SupercupDefunct supercup


Flag of Finland.svg Competitions League/Cup
SM-liigaTop-level league
Mestis2nd-level league
Suomi-sarja3rd-level league
2. Divisioona4th-level league
3. Divisioona5th-level league
4. Divisioona6th-level league
5. Divisioona7th-level league
SM-sarjaDefunct top-level league
I-DivisioonaDefunct 2nd-level league
Suomi-sarjaDefunct 2nd-level league
MaakuntasarjaDefunct 3rd-level league
PerussarjaDefunct 4th-level league
Finnish CupDefunct cup competition


Flag of France.svg Competitions League/Cup
Ligue MagnusTop-level league
FFHG Division 12nd-level league
FFHG Division 23rd-level league
FFHG Division 34th-level league
Critérium des équipes secondesDefunct 2nd-level league
3e sérieDefunct 3rd-level league
Coupe de FranceNational cup competition
Coupe de la LigueLeague cup
Match des ChampionsOpening game between league and cup winners


Flag of Georgia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Georgian Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Germany.svg Competitions League/Cup
Deutsche Eishockey LigaTop-level league
DEL II2nd-level league
Oberliga3rd-level league
Regionalliga4th-level league
Bavarian ice hockey leaguesRegional leagues in Bavaria
Baden-WürttembergligaRegional league in Baden-Württemberg
German Regional LeaguesVarious other regional leagues
DEB-PokalNational cup competition
Eishockey-BundesligaDefunct top-level league
German ChampionshipDefunct national championship
2nd Bundesliga Defunct 2nd-level league
German LandesligaDefunct regional league


Flag of Greece.svg Competitions League/Cup
Greek ChampionshipTop-level league

Hong KongEdit

Flag of Hong Kong.svg Competitions League/Cup
Hong Kong Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Hungary.svg Competitions League/Cup
OB I bajnokságTop-level league
OB I/B. bajnokság2nd-level league
Hungarian CupNational cup competition
Hungarian SupercupDefunct supercup


Flag of Iceland.svg Competitions League/Cup
Icelandic Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Icelandic ChampionshipFormer national championship


Flag of India.svg Competitions League/Cup
India National ChampionshipNational championship


Flag of Ireland.svg Competitions League/Cup
Irish Ice Hockey LeagueDefunct top-level league
Irish ChampionshipFormer national championship


Flag of Israel.svg Competitions League/Cup
Israeli LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Italy.svg Competitions League/Cup
Serie ATop-level league
Serie A22nd-level league
Serie C3rd-level league
Serie D4th-level league
LIHGA Regional league
Coppa ItaliaNational cup competition
Supercoppa ItalianaNational supercup
Serie B Defunct 2nd-level league
Serie B2Defunct 3rd-level league


Flag of Japan.svg Competitions League/Cup
All-Japan ChampionshipNational championship
Japan Ice Hockey LeagueDefunct top-level league
J-Ice North LeagueRegional league
J-Ice West LeagueRegional league


Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Competitions League/Cup
Kazakhstani ChampionshipTop-level league
Kazakhstan CupNational cup competition


Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Competitions League/Cup
Kyrgyzstan ChampionshipNational championship


Flag of Latvia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Latvian Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Pirma LigaDefunct 2nd-level league
Latvian CupDefunct cup competition


Flag of Lithuania.svg Competitions League/Cup
Lithuania Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Lithuanian CupDefunct cup competition


Flag of Luxembourg.svg Competitions League/Cup
Luxembourg CupNational cup competition
Luxembourg ChampionshipDefunct national championship


Flag of Malaysia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Malaysian Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Mexico.svg Competitions League/Cup
Liga Mexicana ÉliteTop-level league
Mexican National ChampionshipDefunct national championship


Flag of Mongolia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Mongolia Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of the Netherlands.svg Competitions League/Cup
EredivisieTop-level league
Eerste Divisie2nd-level league
Tweede Divisie3rd-level league
Derde Divisie4th-level league
Vierde Divisie5th-level league
Dutch CupNational cup competition
Ron Berteling Schaal Opening game between league and cup winners
Dutch SupercupDefunct suoercup
Dutch Challenge CupDefunct cup competition

New ZealandEdit

Flag of New Zealand.svg Competitions League/Cup
New Zealand Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league

North KoreaEdit

Flag of North Korea.svg Competitions League/Cup
North Korean ChampionshipNational championship


Flag of Norway.svg Competitions League/Cup
GET-LigaenTop-level league
Norwegian 1.Division2nd-level league
Norwegian 2.Division3rd-level league
Norwegian 3.Division4th-level league
Norwegian 4.Division5th-level league


Flag of Poland.svg Competitions League/Cup
Polska Liga HokejowaTop-level league
Polish 1. Liga2nd-level league
Polish 2. Liga3rd-level league
Polish CupNational cup competition


Flag of Portugal.svg Competitions League/Cup
Portugese ChampionshipDefunct national championship


Flag of Qatar.svg Competitions League/Cup
Qatar International Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Romania.svg Competitions League/Cup
Romanian Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Romanian CupNational cup competition


Flag of Russia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Kontinental Hockey LeagueTop-level (multi-national) league
Higher Hockey League2nd-level league
Russian Hockey League3rd-level league
International Hockey LeagueDefunct top-level (multi-national) league
Russian SuperleagueDefunct top-level league
Vysshaya LigaDefunct 2nd-level league
Russian Hockey Second LeagueDefunct 4th-level league


Flag of Serbia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Serbian Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Serbian CupDefunct cup competition


Flag of Singapore.svg Competitions League/Cup
Singapore National Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league


Flag of Spain.svg Competitions League/Cup
Liga Nacional de Hockey HieloTop-level league
1a división 2nd-level league
Copa del ReyNational cup competition
Copa de la FederacionDefunct cup competition


Flag of Slovakia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Slovak ExtraligaTop-level league
Slovak 1.Liga2nd-level league
Slovak 2.Liga3rd-level league


Flag of Slovenia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Slovenian Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Slovenian 2nd LeagueDefunct 2nd-level league
Slovenian CupDefunct cup competition
Slovenian SupercupDefunct supercup

South AfricaEdit

Flag of South Africa.svg Competitions League/Cup
South African ChampionshipNational championship
Interprovincial ChampionshipProvincial championship
Gauteng LeagueRegional league in Gauteng province
Western-Province ChampionshipRegional league in Western Province

South KoreaEdit

Flag of South Korea.svg Competitions League/Cup
Korea Domestic ChampionshipNational championship
Korean ChampionshipFormerly the KIHL; presently the Kang-won-do-Cup/Korean Championship
Korea Divisional Domestic ChampionshipDefunct competition

Soviet UnionEdit

Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Competitions League/Cup
Soviet Championship LeagueTop-level league
Pervaya Liga2nd-level league
Vtoraya Liga3rd-level league
Klass B4th-level league
Soviet CupNational cup competition


Flag of Sweden.svg Competitions League/Cup
ElitserienTop-level league
HockeyAllsvenskan2nd-level league
Swedish Division 13rd-level league
Swedish Division 24th-level league
Swedish Division 35th-level league
Swedish Division 46th-level league
Swedish ChampionshipDefunct national championship
TräningsserienDefunct top-level league
Klass IDefunct top-level league
ElitserienDefunct top-level league
Svenska SerienDefunct top-level league
Swedish Division IDefunct top-level league
Klass IIDefunct 2nd-level league


Flag of Switzerland.svg Competitions League/Cup
National League ATop-level league
National League B2nd-level league
Regio LeagueComprises 3rd-6th level leagues
Swiss 1.Liga3rd-level league
Swiss 2.Liga4th-level league
Swiss 3.Liga5th-level league
Swiss 4.Liga6th-level league
Swiss National ChampionshipFormer national championship
Swiss International ChampionshipFormer international championship
Swiss Serie ADefunct 2nd and 3rd level league
Swiss Serie BDefunct 3rd and 4th level league
Swiss CupDefunct cup competition (will be revived in 2014-15)


Flag of Thailand.svg Competitions League/Cup
Thai World Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Thai ChampionshipDefunct national championship


Flag of Turkey.svg Competitions League/Cup
Turkish Ice Hockey Super LeagueTop-level league
Turkish Ice Hockey First League2nd-level league


Flag of Ukraine.svg Competitions League/Cup
Ukrainian Hockey ChampionshipTop-level league
Western Ukrainian Amateur Hockey LeagueAmateur regional league
Night Hockey League of KievAmateur league in Kiev
Central Western Regional Hockey LeagueAmateur regional league
Professional Hockey LeagueDefunct top-level league
Persha LihaDefunct 2nd-level league
Ukrainian CupDefunct cup competition
Ukrainian Federation CupDefunct cup competition

United Arab EmiratesEdit

Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Competitions League/Cup
Emirates Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Emirati ChampionshipDefunct national championship

United KingdomEdit

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Competitions League/Cup
Elite Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league
English Premier Ice Hockey League2nd-level league
English National Ice Hockey League3rd-level league
Scottish National LeagueTop-level Scottish league
Scottish CupScottish cup competition
British Universities Ice Hockey AssociationUniversity competition
British ChampionshipFormer stand-alone championship; now awarded to EIHL champion
Ice Hockey SuperleagueDefunct top-level league
British Hockey LeagueDefunct top-level league
British National LeagueDefunct top-level league
British National LeagueDefunct 2nd-level league
English LeagueDefunct top-level English league
English National LeagueDefunct top-level English league
English National League (1981-82)Defunct top-level English league
Scottish National LeagueDefunct top-level Scottish league
Scottish National League (1981-1982)Defunct top-level Scottish league
Scottish Premier Hockey LeagueDefunct Scottish league
English League NorthDefunct top-level league in Northern England
Inter-City LeagueDefunct top-level league in Southern England
Northern LeagueDefunct top-level league in Northern England and Scotland
Southern LeagueDefunct top-level English league
Northern LeagueDefunct English/Scottish/Welsh league
Celtic League CupDefunct competition between Scotland and Ireland


Flag of Yugoslavia.svg Competitions League/Cup
Yugoslav Ice Hockey LeagueTop-level league
Yugoslav CupNational cup competition
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