Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim
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City: Bad Nauheim, Germany
League: Oberliga
Founded: 1981
Home Arena: Colonel Knight Stadion
Colors: Red, Black
Franchise history
1946-1982: VfL Bad Nauheim
1981-2004: EC Bad Nauheim
2004-2006: Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim
2006-2013: EC Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim
2013-present: EC Bad Nauheim

The logo of VfL Bad Nauheim.

EC Bad Nauheim (Eishockey Cracks Bad Nauheim) is an ice hockey team in Bad Nauheim, Germany. They play in the DEL II, the second level of ice hockey in Germany.

History[edit | edit source]

VfL Bad Nauheim was founded in 1946 and played in the top-level German leagues (the Oberliga and later the Eishockey-Bundesliga) for most of their existence. They declared bankruptcy in 1982, a season which saw them relegated from the Eishockey-Bundesliga.

With VfL's looming financial difficulties, another club, EC Bad Nauheim was founded in 1981 and began playing in the fourth-level Regionalliga. They were promoted to and won the Oberliga in 1984, and spent the rest of their history bouncing between the Oberliga and the 2nd Bundesliga. The club faced financial issues between 1990 and 1993, but succeeded in resolving them. Financial problems struck again however, and the club was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2001.

The club was saved by the GmbH and was known officially as EC Bad Nauheim Spielbetriebs GmbH between 2001 and 2004. This arrangement ended in 2004 and Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim was created.

Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim encountered financial difficulties in the summer of 2006 and were replaced by EC Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim. This incarnation mostly played in the Oberliga, winning the league in 2013 and earning promotion to the DEL II the following season.

The Eishockey Cracks Bad Nauheim (EC Bad Nauheim) were created in 2013 as a successor to EC Rote Teufel. They played their inaugural 2013-14 season in the DEL II.

Season-by-season records[edit | edit source]

Season League Placement
1948 Championship Runner-up
1948-49 Oberliga 4th place
1949-50 Oberliga 4th place
1950-51 Oberliga 4th place
1951-52 Oberliga 3rd place
1952-53 Oberliga 5th place
1953-54 Oberliga 6th place
1954-55 Oberliga 5th place
1955-56 Oberliga 4th place
1956-57 Oberliga 5th place
1957-58 Oberliga West 5th place
1958-59 Oberliga Champion
1959-60 Bundesliga 7th place
1960-61 Bundesliga 8th place
1961-62 Oberliga Runner-up
1962-63 Oberliga 5th place
1963-64 Oberliga 2nd place
1964-65 Oberliga 3rd place
1965-66 Bundesliga 10th place
1966-67 Oberliga Runner-up
1967-68 Bundesliga West 2nd place Relegation
1968-69 Bundesliga 6th place
1969-70 Bundesliga 6th place
1970-71 Bundesliga 9th place
1971-72 Bundesliga 7th place
1972-73 Bundesliga 4th place
1973-74 Bundesliga 3rd place
1974-75 Bundesliga 6th place
1975-76 Bundesliga 7th place
1976-77 Bundesliga 6th place
1977-78 Bundesliga 7th place
1978-79 Bundesliga 5th place
1979-80 Bundesliga 9th place
1980-81 Bundesliga 10th place
1981-82 Bundesliga 11th place
Season League Placement
1981-82 Regionalliga South-West 5th place first round, Group 1
1982-83 Regionalliga South-West Runner-up
1983-84 Oberliga Nord Champion
1984-85 2. Bundesliga Nord 2nd place Qualification round
1985-86 2. Bundesliga Nord 1st place Qualification round
1986-87 2. Bundesliga Nord 8th place Qualification round
1987-88 2. Bundesliga Nord 8th place Qualification round
1988-89 2. Bundesliga Nord 5th place Qualification round
1989-90 2. Bundesliga Nord 8th place Qualification round
1990-91 2. Bundesliga Nord 5th place Qualification round
1991-92 2. Bundesliga Nord 2nd place Qualification round
1992-93 2. Bundesliga Nord Play-downs
1993-94 Oberliga Playoff-Quarterfinals
1994-95 1. Liga Nord Quarterfinals
1995-96 1. Liga Nord Quarterfinals
1996-97 1. Liga Nord Semifinals
1997-98 1. Liga Nord Runner-up
1998-99 Bundesliga Runner-up
1999-2000 2. Bundesliga Semifinals
2000-01 2. Bundesliga Play-downs
2001-02 2. Bundesliga 4th place in relegation round
2002-03 2. Bundesliga Quarterfinals
2003-04 2. Bundesliga Semifinals
2004-05 Regionalliga Hessen Champion
2005-06 Oberliga 8th place in relegation round
2006-07 Regionalliga Hessen Champion
2007-08 Oberliga North 7th place, won Play-downs
2008-09 Oberliga North Runner-up
2009-10 Oberliga Quarterfinals
2010-11 Oberliga West Semifinals
2011-12 Oberliga West Quarterfinals
2012-13 Oberliga West Champion
2013-14 DEL2 9th place in regular season

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