The Copa Invernada is a competition that is staged in the city of Punta Arenas in southern Chile.

The three-on-three tournament was first contested in July 2013 and was won by the Ghetto Blasters, a team featuring German and North American players.[1]

The 2014 edition was won by the Blackburn Falcons from England. They defeated the Argentinian Club Andino Usuhaia 9-6. The local Los Nordicos squad beat the Rio Grande Dragones 4-3 in a shootout to claim third place.[2]

The third annual Copa Invernada was won by the Falkland Islands. They defeated the Rio Grande Dragones 9-3 in the final to claim the title. The Santiago Yetis and Punta Arenas Kotaix represented Chile at the tournament.[3]

The 2016 competition featured six teams, divided into two groups. The Santiago Yetis won the championship.


  • 2013: Ghetto Blasters
  • 2014: Blackburn Falcons
  • 2015: Falkland Islands Penguins
  • 2016: Santiago Yetis


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