Central Hockey Club was a French ice hockey team. The club competed in the 1re série in 1932-33.

On March 9, 1933, at the Palais de Sports de Grenelle, the club met the defending champion Stade Français in the semifinals. After jumping out to a 2-0 lead on goals by Charles Ramsay, Central ceded the next two goals and regulation ended with the score knotted at 2. In overtime, Pete Bessone scored the deciding goal to send Stade Francais on to the final.

Central HC had three remaining true students from the École Centrale club that played in the 2e série in 1931-32 - Pierre Perreau, Pierre Zannettos, and Pierre Lorin.

The squad that played in the 1932-33 French Championship was as follows: Forwards: Charles Ramsay, Pierre Perreau, Pierre Zannettos; Defensemen: Gaston Ramsay, Pierre Lorin; Goaltender: Authier; Reserves: Chaumont, Bernard.

They also played in multiple friendly matches in 1932-33, but did not participate in any future championships.

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