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Canadiens de Paris was a team of Canadian students living in Paris.

1925 they won the Coupe de Jean Potin final against London Lions by 4-1. Before the final they had won Bellerive from Switzerland by 11-2.

1926 they were second in Coupe Doyen in Chamonix, France in January with the following results:

Canadiens -Madrid 5-0, -Antwerp 1-1 and CSH Paris 1-1.

Later the same year they played in Spengler Cup with the following line-up:

goal: Roy, defence: Comeau, Wight, forwards: Latour, Magnan, O'Donnell, Pairchand.

They lost to Cambridge 2-3 by overtime and to Berliner SC by 1-4.

After the tournament they won the Semmerling 1927 sports week tournament with the following results:

Canadiens de Paris -Polish/Belgian team 10-2, -Austria 8-2 and Czechoslovakia 8-1.

They played against The European All-Stars after the European Championshiop tournament in Vienna and won by 2-1.

This time their line up was: Roy, Dempsey, Wight, Roche, Pairchand, O'Donnell, Latour.

Roche and Dempsey had been house surgeons in Ottawa Civic Hospital two years before. Roche was a coach and a player of a Berlin team and Dempsey was coach and a player of Wiener EV, Wight and O'Donnell had played in the McGill University team.

Their final game of the season was in Coupe de Jean Potin, where they lost against Wiener EV by 2-4.

At the end of 1927 they lost by 1-7 to a Davos team in Spengler Cup.